International Tibet Network Members' Message 1 April 2015
Dear Members,

You will recall that the report "Losing the Bet on Human Rights" was released about 10 days ago, along with a press statement - see - in opposition to Beijing's bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympics. The release coincided with a visit to Beijing by the International Olympics Committee's Evaluation Commission, and the story was picked up by many wire agencies and sport-related media. The Campaign Working Group is now seeking your participation, and requests that you contact IOC members in your country to ask them to oppose Beijing's new Olympic bid. Please note that every single IOC member has a vote in July, regardless of where they come from. Here's a quick checklist of what we'd like you to do: 1. Identify your country's IOC member(s) here:, then look them up online to see if you can find a local address or email*. Otherwise use the IOC address in Lausanne.
2. Talk to other Tibet Groups in your country and arrange to act jointly or coordinate your contact with the IOC member(s).
3. Adapt the 
Sample letter provided - (we'll provide other languages as soon as possible)

4. Send the letter and
Report. Download in English, French or Spanish from Or better still arrange a meeting and hand the letter and report over in person.
5. Send an email to Mandie ( to let her know which IOC members you have contacted.
Many many thanks for your participation in this effort. The full campaign strategy (in English, Spanish and French) and all other materials can be viewed and/or downloaded from
Resource page on our website: or
Google Folder:
DropBox Folder:   Best wishes,
Ali, on behalf of Mandie (email ) * Unfortunately, we are not able to confirm that the IOC email formula we used in 2008 is reliable. You can try sending your letters to or, but it may not work....
International Tibet Network is a global coalition of more than 180 Member organisations from six continents, who believe in the power of coordinated campaign action for Tibet. You are receiving this message as a designated representative of one of our Member organisations. If you wish to change your contact details, or the name of your contact person with the Network, please email Tenzin Jigdal on